Wednesday, May 4, 2016

"After Life?" : Video Game Made Using Unity

With this game, I wanted to explore the futility of believing in an afterlife. This is a simple 3D maze game the the player navigates through to find their way to the "light," using the trope of the "light" being what one sees when they are dying. However, rather than taking the the player to another stage, the "light" simply warps them back to the beginning of the same maze. After a few times of this happening, the player will realize that in this game there is no afterlife, and that they are stuck in an endless, hopeless limbo forever. Where they are is all that there is.

Since the game file is simply too larger to upload here, "After Life?" can be experienced at the Holland Project from now until May 13th.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Mario Party IRL: Shy Guy Surprise

For this project, our class had to bring a video game into the real world, complete with gameplay and cosplay aspects. we chose to do Mario Party, and each different group had to recreate a mini game and then add a social or political statement to it. The mini game that my group made was called "Shy Guy Surprise," and dealt with the issue of school shootings. This game could be played with three to six players. In this game, a Shy Guy sat in a chair and shot at the characters who were trying to run past him, with a nerf gun. However, Bowser was the one controlling the direction of of the Shy Guy's approach. All of the other players would try to run past the Shy Guy in order to win the game, and could hide behind various obstacles to avoid being shot. If shot, the runners had to stay where they were shot and hold up a "Boo."

With this game we wanted to raise awareness of the majority of the causes of school shootings, which is bullying. Bowser represented the bully because he was behind the Shy Guy, controlling his actions.